Interesting facts about Hungary

20 Sep 2021

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Find out the most interesting facts about Hungary.

1. They’ve won more than 510 Olympic medals

Did you know that Hungary has won the second most gold medals in the Olympic summer games of all countries per capita? They’ve won gold medals in every Olympics they’ve competed in.

And what makes it an even more interesting is the fact that Hungary was banned from the Olympic games 1920 and joined the Soviet-led boycott of the summer Olympics 1984.


2. The Hungarian language is truly unique

The Hungarian language is said to be the hardest language to learn, and that might be true, especially in Europe as there is no other language that is like it.

The main reason for this is because the language originates from the steppe of Central Asia and the ancestors of the Magyar tribes who founded Hungary.


3. It is one of the oldest countries in Europe

Hungary was founded back in 895, which means it’s older than countries like France and Germany.

4. There are cowboys (csikos) in Hungary

Hungarians rode into Europe on horseback, and still today, you can see the cowboys in the plains of Puszta.

Definitely one of the more unique facts about Hungary!

5. Budapest has the highest number of thermal springs in the world

There are more than 1500 spas in Hungary, but the capital takes the prize when it comes to the number of thermal springs. No wonder that people have come here to enjoy the healing waters for thousands of years!

Each day, 70 million liters of thermal water rise to the surface of Budapest.

6. The Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters

As mentioned, the Hungarian language is truly unique and nothing like the other European languages. Did you know that there are 44 letters in the Hungarian alphabet?

7. Hungarian inventions

You’ve probably heard about the Rubik’s cube, but did you know that it’s a Hungarian invention?

Other notable inventions from Hungary include the ballpoint pen, holography, thermographic camera, digital computing and the first functional helicopter.

8. Balaton Lake is the largest lake in Central Europe

Hungary might be a land-locked country without an ocean, but it’s home to the largest lake in Central Europe, and during summertime, you can come here for a beach holiday.

9. The national dish of Hungary is gulyás

You’ve probably tried goulash already in your home country. It’s a world-famous Hungarian dish, but I can assure you that you haven’t tasted the real deal unless you’ve been to Hungary.

10. Bonus Fact

There is a Hungarian equivalent of the boogeyman known as “Rézfaszú bagoly”, a giant owl with a copper penis


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